What is FISA, the International Rowing Federation?


The World Rowing Federation, FISA (from the French, Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron) is the governing body of the sport of rowing. It is empowered by its 142 member National Rowing Federations, the National Olympic Committees and the International Olympic Committee to govern the sport of rowing.

FISA sets the rules and regulations for the practice of the sport, in all its forms including elite, para-rowing, coastal, masters and aspects of indoor rowing. FISA oversees sanctioned World Rowing events and provides advice and expertise for the organisation of rowing regattas. The Federation also works on coaching education and other matters relating to the sport and its development.

FISA’s Goals and Objectives


The goals and objectives of FISA are to efficiently: DEVELOP, PROMOTE, PRESENT and GOVERN the sport of rowing.

FISA’s Vision


To encourage the development of the sport of rowing and strengthen the bonds that unite those who practice it.

FISA’s Mission


To make rowing a universally practised and globally relevant sport. To spread the sport in all its forms.

Core Values


Core Values of the sport of Rowing


  • Team Work: Rowers pull together towards a common goal
  • Educational: Rowers learn self-discipline and motivation together with commitment and a spirit of fair play.
  • Focus: Rowers require total concentration on the ultimate objective in order to harness power and precision in this demanding endurance sport.
  • Traditional: Rowers transmit time honoured values and shared experiences to future generations.
  • Environmental: Rowers respect and safeguard the water and its surroundings.

Core Values of FISA

  • Oldest: FISA was the first International Federation in the Olympic Movement created in June 1892 and has been on the Olympic Games programme since the beginning in 1896.
  • Global: FISA has member federations in all five continents.
  • Influential: FISA has key representatives in leadership positions in many international sports organisations and governing bodies
  • Ethical: FISA is a leader in the fight against doping in sport and was the first International Federation to conduct out of competition doping controls.